Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marginalia 10.8.09: Randy Pitchford Edition

BEARS Gamasutra: Stephen Dinehart asks us to define "indie." I would give it a shot, but I'm too busy listening to Grizzly Bear.

Gamasutra: Fumito Ueda gets it.  He just does.

Destructoid: Can easy Achievements drive game sales?  Randy Pitchford thinks so.

Destructoid: The ever-befuddling Michael Patcher thinks the PS3 is winning the console wars. I wonder what he thinks of other things, like global warming, wearing white past Labor Day, or the term "videogame analyst?"

Destructoid: Randy Pitchford thinks Valve is exploiting Steam; he even goes so far as to call the darling developer "bad for the industry." Them's fighting words.

Gamepolitics: One study says that Tetris is good for the brain, as if there was any doubt!

CNN: The Wii Fit Balance Board, despite being made by the Japanese, is helping red-blooded ‘Mericans catch them damn terrorists.