Friday, October 23, 2009

Music Game Malaise Responsible for Drop in Industry Figures

Burn! BURN! Andrew, you were right.

Gamasutra broke down the numbers, and it looks like people really are getting tired of the whole Rock Band/Guitar Hero thing.  On the podcast that will be up this Sunday, Andrew about said as much, but I argued, “No!  Just wait ‘til all those soccer moms start buying The Beatles: Rock Band!”  Now I’ve got fake plastic pie all over my face.

The article starts with a bunch of figures regarding platform breakdowns, pointing out that the 360 has become the most lucrative platform for both titles.  Here, however, is what really caught my eye:

“As of September 2009 the two franchises together (across all packages, including track packs) have generated $373 million less in revenue from the comparable period in 2008.”

This doesn’t include online track sales, but still - $373 million

And here’s the kicker: game revenue as a whole (not including consoles, I believe) has seen a drop of $720 million from 2008.  For those of you not up to doing math while you browse the web, that means that music game oversaturation accounts for over 50% of drop in video game sales compared to last year.  Wow.

There are, of course, other factors at play.  Mainly, the Recession.  But it’s worth noting that when wallets start shrinking, gamers seem less willing to pick up the newest plastic guitar titles. 

Or it could be the rising number of movies that feature a Guitar Hero sequence.  If I have to watch Kevin James or Vince Vaughn play the game for laughs again, I’m going to set my fake guitar on fire.