Monday, November 16, 2009

Catching Up With Daniel Pemberton

About a year ago (so soon, time?), we interviewed Daniel Pemberton, a BAFTA-nominated composer with a taste for the unconventional. Pemberton’s score for Little Big Planet piqued our interest, but we quickly discovered the broad scope and diversity of his talents – see for yourself.

I shot him an email to see what’s what. The flu-stricken composer was kind enough to respond with a quick update:

Gameswise not doing anything at the mo... rewrote the intro music for LBP PSP [Little Big Planet for the Playstation Portable] which is out soon (nothing drastic though – people will hardly notice it) but that’s about it.

I’ve just scored a great BBC TV series called Desperate Romantics which was really good fun. Glam rock goes period drama score. Epic amount of work – 180 pieces of music in 3 months! So taking it a bit easier now. Just doing score for a feature doc on the Khmer Rouge.

[Ed: since when does taking it easy include scoring a documentary on a genocidal regime?]

Also got a few new soundtrack albums out on iTunes – Attila/Napoleon, and the score to this obscure Robert Pattinson movie The Haunted Airman. That’s about it!