Saturday, November 14, 2009

"I like girls, but now it's about justice."

Video games have always been in a weird state of limbo as far as narrative goes. Some, RPGs mostly, do their very best to construct an expansive story and present it in the manner of a film or novel. Conversely, there are plenty of shooters that give you a very minimum of back story and character development: space marine + aliens = shoot. Nowadays, even the most primitive of releases does its best to make its presentation at least somewhat like a movie; new developments in technology allow cinematics to have a much bigger place in video games. But it was not always so, there was a time when text was the dominant way of characters expressing themselves. With the coming of systems like the original PlayStation, voice actors were able to be used to give each character in a game their own unique mode of expression. These days, A-list talent will appear in your bigger game releases, but it wasn't always so. In the fiery, chaotic period of video games' ascendancy, voice acting was really bad for the most part. Ladies and gentlemen of Charge Shot!!!, the 50 worst instances of video game voice acting.