Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Can Play Audiosurf On Your Zune! (if you have one)

arch1 We’re not primarily a news organization (you may have noticed), but occasionally we see things that might be of interest to readers and try to pass it along.  So when I see news about Audiosurf coming to the Zune, I figure it’s worth mentioning.

Okay, okay, so no one has a Zune (except Gene).  But let’s assume that people do.  Let’s also assume they weren’t early adopters and opted to wait until the Zune HD.  These hypothetical, non-click-wheel-using people will be getting a batch of free games in the next firmware update, including Audiosurf: Tilt.

I contacted Audiosurf creator Dylan Fitterer to ask how Tilt differs from the original and he explained that it has three modes: Normal, Turbo, and Lightshow.  Lightshow mimics a visualizer mode recently added to the PC version, and Normal/Turbo function like the Mono character “but they use speedbumps instead of grey blocks” as obstacles.  Points accrued in all modes can be used to unlock different track themes. 

Fitterer said he originally “planned to use touch for control and ship models as the unlocks,” but he “switched to tilt controls because it felt right and the unlockable themes have a much larger visual impact than the ship models had.”  He says the eventual iPhone version is “now on the backburner.   It turned out that while Apple's 3.0 update brought access to the music collection on the device, it didn't bring enough access.”  Apple?  Restrictive about third party apps?  I’m shocked.

Anyone with a Zune HD should definitely play this game when it gets downloaded to their device for free.  I’m not saying I want a Zune, but now at least I can imagine what someone would do with one.