Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charge Aught!!!: Remember Green Ketchup?

heinz-green-2-ketchup-695484_308_600Ew, ew ew.  Apparently it had the “same great Heinz taste,” but this ketchup (pop culture-related because it was Shrek-themed as often as not) was so weird, so unsettling, that I can’t imagine wanting to put it on anything which I intended to eat.

d6cd34d468uce008.jpgIf someone served these up to me, I’d be like, “excuse me, I believe your infant son pooped on my fries.”

The ketchup also came in other “fun” colors like blue and purple – hell, it may even  still be around, but I haven’t checked because I’ve never wanted green ketchup. Truly, this disfigured condiment is one of the decade’s greatest achievements.