Sunday, January 31, 2010

After the Jump: Long-Term Marriage Potentials

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Rob is gone drinkin’ (or something) this week, which left Craig and I to our own devices – we thought his absence would help us focus a bit, but without him there to be the focus of our disdain our attention wanders a bit.

That’s why, in the course of nearly fifty wonderfully rambling minutes, we manage to talk about Apple's iPad, the Cookie Monster virus, the evil of iTunes, the goodness of Amazon, Michael Pachter’s weird video game show, spam email, and so much more.

A note! For those of you who have deigned not to listen to the podcast in the past because “listening to nerds talk about video games for an hour is lame.” The format we seem to be settling in does include video games, but they take up much less time, freeing us to elaborate more on general pop-culture news and discuss posts that have gone up on the site.

What I am saying is that the podcast perhaps 400% cooler now, please come back.

Music this week, nerdy as ever, is the boss music from Final Fantasy IV, which really fits our podcast in that it is tense and dramatic. Our podcast is at least this tense and dramatic every week you guys.