Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gamers Band Together for 100 Achievement Points

The folks at care about their Gamerscores a lot.  These braggarts like to get S-Ranks on games and pad their score, squeezing every last Achievement out of easy titles like TMNT or Peter Jackson’s King Kong

It’s no surprise, then, that they mobilized shortly after EA announced it was shutting down multiplayer servers for some of its older sports titles.  You see, older Xbox 360 games (especially in the sports genre) were extremely generous with Achievement points.  One such Achievement, worth a whopping 100 points, exists in NBA Live 07 and can be unlocked by being online simultaneously with at least 1000 other players.  The iterative nature of sports titles means that subsequent entries in the franchise rendered NBA Live 07 defunct, the online community a ghost town, and the Achievement impossible.

For reasons only EA knows, it refuses to relinquish control of its multiplayer modes to player-side local hosting, meaning that it must continually supply the overhead for servers, etc.  That in mind, it only makes sense that they’d want to shut down games without thriving player populations.  This only points out the idiocy of including an Achievement that requires 1000 players to be in lobbies at the same time – and further illustrates, to me, how frustrating and unattainable most online Achievements are.

So (whose motto is “Every Point Counts”) issued a call to arms.  They are asking their community (and, by extension, the larger Internet community of people who might own this game) to sign on at 1PM EST on January 31.  If you want 100 points added to your Gamerscore, find a copy.  I’m sure it can be had for the price of a sandwich (or less) at your local retailer. 

I’m not a huge basketball fan. And I only tend to care about Achievements in games I really like, so I probably won’t be participating in all the hullabaloo.  But I certainly respect a person’s right (and will) to use the Internet to organize goofy shit like this.  Best of luck, everyone!