Monday, January 11, 2010

Lock Up Your Funny Bones, Carvey’s Coming Back

Why did he impale those testicles on a toothpick? Dana Carvey’s planning a comeback.  You read me right.  The Master of Disguise is returning to television with a half-hour sketch show on Fox (Variety reports).

His partner in crime is Spike Feresten, a former SNL and Seinfeld scribe who most recently hosted some talk show I never watched.  Carvey and Feresten are apparently old pals from their SNL days in the mid-90s.  And in great eternal return fashion, Feresten also wrote for Carvey’s failed 1996 sketch show.

Carvey promises “more accessibility to the conceit” and that “the dryness or subversive elements will be a bit more subtle and less alternative.”  Do terrifying turtle fever dreams count as subversive elements? 

Carvey and Feresten also plan to do all of their shooting on location, eschewing the soundstage and live audience staples of the sketch comedy genre.  Both Mr. Show and The Chappelle Show come to mind, though they each managed to blend location shooting with successful (and just plain weird) audience segments. 

This announcement comes amidst a flurry of news regarding Fox’s impending renewal of Glee and Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor, cementing my position as having no goddamn clue of what Fox is up to these days.