Thursday, January 7, 2010

The LOST Demographic

What do President Barack Obama and the TV show Lost have in common? For one, they both come from Hawaii. For another, they're both looking at the date of February 2nd to make a major television appearance.

The State of the Union address is the constitutionally-mandated speech given by the American president at the start of each year. Obama had scheduled his speech for January 26th. However, word has come down through the grapevine that the speech may be delayed until after the Congressional health care bill passes, which would make February 2nd the new date of its delivery. Traditionally, major networks allot the President airtime from 9pm to 11pm for this event.

The problem? ABC has already planned to premiere the sixth and final season of Lost on February 2nd. With most normal shows, the viewers would simply wait a week to watch the rescheduled program; Lost devotees, however, have proven themselves to be fans of the most obsessive and annoying kind, and they are not happy about a potential delay of their favorite show. The outcry across the blogosphere has been huge, and tweets with the hashtag "#NoStateOfTheUnionFeb2" have been fluttering across Twitter.

It remains to be seen if Obama will push back the speech to Groundhog Day, and what the consequences will be if he does. (Of course, even the January 26 date presents its own problems, as the higher-rated American Idol airs that night). Myself, I don't think that Obama is too worried about losing the "Lost blogger" voting demographic, but I'm sure elections have been won or lost on stranger issues...