Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quarter 1 Is The New Quarter 4

It's a favorite past-time in the videogame blogosphere to bitch about the lopsidedness of videogame release dates. Everything seems tilted towards the holiday calendar, with all major AAA titles hitting shelves between September and December.

2009 was different. Some have speculated that the intimidating commercial presence of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern JackBauerfare 2 cleared the calendar, but whatever the reason, there are a ton of high-profile games coming out in the first slice of 2010. It's as impressive, if not more impressive, than 2009's holiday lineup. Here's what you can expect:

Jan. 12: Army of Two: The 40th Day
In haiku:
In my eyesights, dawg
Serious face, in China
Chance for redemption?

Jan. 26: Mass Effect 2
In haiku:
Commander Shepard!
Where is your face? Where did it -
Oh, wait. There it is.

Feb. 9: Bioshock 2
In haiku:
Four developers.
Consider my faith shaken.
But a drill hand - nice.

Feb. 9: Dante's Inferno
In haiku:
With a lit degree,
How can I not be opposed?
Stick in butt; don't care.

Feb. 16: Alien Vs. Predator
In haiku:
Marine, fishnets, bug.
Take your pick. Who cares, really,
it's game over, man.

Feb. 23: Splinter Cell: Conviction
In haiku:
Jack Bauer! Save us!
Wait, who are you? Sam whatnow?
Angry bathrooms; scowls.