Sunday, February 14, 2010

After the Jump: Not-So-New Kids on the Block

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I feel like we’ve been on a pretty hot streak lately, podcast-wise. Maybe not quite as hot as the teen heartthrobs pictured right, but still, pretty damn listenable.

And how could we not be, when we talk about such titillating topics as Super Bowl ads, Google Buzz, snowstorms, Adult Swim, Jack Bauer and the obfuscating language they employ over at Penny Arcade? Just give us a listen, and try to tell us this isn’t the best Charge Shot!!!-affiliated podcast you can find on the Internet.

In homage to this past week’s release of Bioshock 2, music this week is “Cohen’s Masterpiece”, a haunting piano piece from the first Bioshock. You can find the entire score to that game, which is generally quite atmospheric and excellent, here.