Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Midnight Snack: (I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors

That's you in the bottom right. Last night I dreamed I was an immense beast, floating in darkness.  I knew nothing of the surface until I fell in love with the majesty of colors.

So opens (I Fell in Love With) The Majesty of Colors, a “pixel-horror” game from Gregory Weir.  In it, you control a three-eyed, tentacled aquatic beast who, upon seeing balloons floating above his domain, falls in love Little Mermaid-style with the world up above.

Ariel, however, didn’t have to decide between eating mankind or aiding it.  The Majesty of Colors presents scenario after scenario in which your adorably curious Cthulu monster attempts to understand the mysterious surface dwellers.  Will you help the fishermen catch their lot?  Or will you pull them beneath the waves for further inspection?  Every choice has its ramifications, and the game’s brevity encourages multiple playthroughs, allowing you to seek out each of the five different endings.

Your only means of interacting with the world above the sea is your lone tentacle, controlled by mouse.  This elegant design choice reinforces the game’s beautiful simplicity.  A simple balloon can warm a giant’s heart.  A simple game can brighten a snowed-in evening.

Warning: If you don’t want the solutions to the endings ruined for you, refrain from scrolling down to the comments section of the game’s Kongregate page.