Sunday, March 21, 2010

After the Jump: Going Down the Pole

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If you like our podcasts, then boy do we have a good one in store for you this week! If not, well, we don’t like you either.

In addition to making up new idioms, we also talk about The Marriage Ref, Google and China’s stormy relationship, the ever-increasing speed of the Internets, the complete ineptitude of Sony’s PSP, the layoffs over at IGN, and how we take issue with Destructoid’s Jim Sterling, among other things. It runs a little long, but it also runs a little awesome.

Music this week is the music from the Dire Dire Docks level of Super Mario 64. Original tunes in Nintendo games started going out the door after the N64 era in favor of heavily remixed versions of music from ancient NES games, but there’s still something good every now and again.