Sunday, April 25, 2010

After the Jump: Killer Segue

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To make up for last week’s super-late podcast, you’re getting it a few hours early this week. Aren’t you lucky?!

We’ve got another good show for you tonight – we talk a little more about the new iPhone and the surrounding hullaballoo, the sequel to Avatar, Roger Ebert’s latest opinions re: the ancient games as art debate, Jason Rohrer’s Sleep is Death, and a few more things also! It is a solid show.

Music this week is the tune from the first Dr. Wily level in Mega Man 10 – it has been like five podcasts since I last used a Mega Man ditty, which I consider to be a feat of self-restraint. Oh wait, did I spoil the game for you by telling you that the villain was actually Dr. Wily? No. No I didn’t.