Sunday, April 11, 2010

After the Jump: A Modern-Day Manhattan Project

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We’re back in rare form after our break last weekend, and we’re still reeling from the imminent release of KFC’s Double Down. We realize that this sandwich is only related to our subject (nominally, pop culture) by the thinnest of threads, but come on – look at this thing. How can it be.

After some fifteen minutes of lamenting KFC’s latest sin against nature, we do get around to talking about other things, namely Apple’s iPad and the company’s upcoming iPhone software update, 24, the terrifying power of the Internet, and Number Two. You know what I mean.

Music this week is actually faux-retro, a ditty from Retro Game Challenge for the DS, specifically from the game-within-a-game top-down shooter that is Star Prince. If you have a DS and yearn for the glory days of the NES, you must buy Retro Game Challenge. You are the reason that the sequel isn’t being translated, you dope.