Thursday, April 8, 2010

I remember

I remember watching my dad play Super Mario Bros. every night when he got home from work. He never could beat it.

I remember being terrified of running into the Minotaur at the end of Kings Quest IX.

I remember trading in 25 CDs and a few older PSOne games at a Gamestop to pay for half of God of War.

I remember when two clerks at the Funcoland in Succasunna were killed in a drive-by shooting. I applied for a job at the Gamestop that replaced it a few months later. (I didn't get the job)

I remember seeing a trailer for Blast Corps shortly after the Nintendo 64 was released and wanting to own it more than anything. I only ever bought four games for the system and sold it for 50 bucks at a garage sale a couple years later.

I remember playing games wearing an Interactor.

I remember the Track & Field pad.

I remember bringing my Playstation to my grandparents' house every Christmas and hooking it up to the TV in their basement.

I remember renting Aladdin for the Genesis and getting pneumonia the very same day. I remember playing the second stage and my mom whispering to my father over the phone as she watched me play in the living room.

I remember when CliffyB reviewed user-created maps for Unreal Tournament on his website.

I remember the first game idea I told to my dad. The game was called Speed Police LA and was part driving sim, part shooter, part 3rd person adventure game.

I remember thinking of ways that satellites and webcams would change the way game environments were rendered.

I remember buying a Jampack with a Tomb Raider II demo to see what Lara Croft's new smoother boobs looked like.

I remember the first time I played a game with lock-on targeting. It was Syphon Filter.

I remember playing through Final Fantasy VII with a BradyGames strategy guide and then playing through it again with a Versus Books strategy guide.

I remember the first time I played through Final Fantasy VII I named Cloud "Archie" and Tifa "Asshead." I had to stop playing because I felt guilty during the romantic parts.

I remember reading features and previews for Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game.

I remember Next Generation.

I remember Game Players and Ultimate Game Players and Game Buyer.

I remember when Thrill Kill was banned.

I remember installing a Voodoo 32-bit graphics card in my parent's computer.

I remember the games aisle at Toys 'R' Us and how all the games had slips that you would bring up to the counter to exchange for cases behind the glass.

I remember that Toe Jam 'n' Earl: Panic on Funkotron came with a fruit roll-up. I remember that Shaq-Fu came with a cassette single of Shaq's rap. I gave it to my sister and she didn't like it.

I remember feeling disgusted with myself after playing State of Emergency.

I remember getting Diablo from my Aunt for Christmas about ten years after it was released.

I remember posting on IGN's message boards. I had 3,000 posts by the time I lost interest.

I remember creating a compilation CD for the members of another games message board who all contributed their favorite song. I was invited to the admin's wedding. (I declined)

I remember playing Fighting Vipers all night at an arcade party in an old warehouse.

I remember explaining Braid to my girlfriend.

I remember moving right before high school started. I remember playing and beating Deus Ex because I had nothing else to do.

I remember the first time I got accused of cheating in Counterstrike.

I remember when I stopped playing Everquest. I was a level 12 Paladin and a sea serpent had knocked me off a boat and I drowned in the middle of the ocean. I didn't want to pay a Necromancer to locate my body for me.

I remember Jack Thompson.

I remember using GameShark to get through Resident Evil. (Barry's serum)

I remember the summer my grandmother died. I played God of War, Cold Winter, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect and Project: Snowblind.