Thursday, April 29, 2010

Only the Crustiest of Cakes

"Crustcake? Is that something Paula Deen makes?"

Nooooo, dear, stupid reader. Crustcake is an all-things-metal blog run by six excellent dudes from around the country. Their truly national nature allows them to post show picks from around the country. So if you live near Los Angeles, Austin, NY, San Antonio, or Chicago, Crustcake's got you covered on the metal front.

Crustcake sets itself apart from the pack with distinctive writing and an idiosyncratic musical sensibility that doesn't simply regurgitate what the rest of the metal blogosphere is regurgitating. Check out Van Damned's (yes, they all have funny names) profile of Cascadian black metal heroes Skagos to see what I mean.

Dudes aren't lacking in metal pedigree (metalgree?) either. Three of the Crustcake's writers are members of regularly gigging (and excellent) metal bands.

So if you have even a passing interest in that which is close to Satan's heart, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Crustcake.