Sunday, May 2, 2010

After the Jump: Hot Purple Breath

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A confluence of technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts kept Craig from participating in this week’s ‘cast, but never fear! Chris Holden, of Thoughts of an Aspiring Music Snob fame, joins us instead, and brings with him his own opinions and his own distinctive laugh.

This week, we talk about YouTube’s removal of those Downfall Hitler rant videos, the creepiness of certain McDonaldland characters, Mark Zuckerberg’s hatred of your privacy, Steve Jobs’ hatred of Adobe Flash, Apple’s closure of Lala, and the big ol’ Bungie-Activision deal. The Star Wars references are provided to you, the listener, at no extra charge.

This week, the interchangeable video game tunes that were the last vestige of the podcast as originally envisioned have been swept away in favor of a permanent theme tune. We discovered FantomenK through his MySpace page and his 8-Bit Collective profile, and thought his song “CPU Mood” would be a great intro to our weekly discussions. He has graciously allowed us to use it, and for that you owe it to him (and to yourselves!) to check him out.