Sunday, May 2, 2010

BAM! KaPOW! Another Batman!

I don't think we'll see any boner crimes in Nolan's next Batman. In case the Oscar and $1 billion in worldwide gross for The Dark Knight weren’t good enough indicators for you, I have it on good authority (okay, the Internet) that Christopher Nolan’s plugging away at a third Batman movie.

We all assumed this was coming, but now we have a potential release date: July 20, 2012.

Few details other than this have surfaced, what with the flick being over two years away.  Will Two-Face resurface?  Maybe.  Will I get to see Philip Seymour Hoffman play The Penguin?  Probably not, unfortunately.  Can Nolan somehow squeeze a Governator cameo in?  I hope so.

On a more serious note, I’m interested to see how Nolan evolves Gotham this time around.  It was so scuzzy in Batman Begins, a perfect target for Raz Al-Ghul’s whole “cleanse the festering wound” plan.  The Dark Knight’s Gotham shone a bit more.  Batman inspired the populace to better itself, prompting the Joker to deliver one hell of a reality check. 

How much more can Nolan’s Gotham take?  And what will it do in response to more punishment?  Good thing I only have to wait two years to find out.