Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I can't believe I actually managed to find something current about "The Wire"

Lucky me! I'm on my second trip through Bodymore, Murdaland (i.e. I'm watching "The Wire"...again), and I've been hungry for anything even tangentially related to the show. This gem isn't super-new, but it was an incredible find for just searching for extra-large "Wire"-related pictures to use as my wallpaper.

Yes, I am a huge nerd.

But I stumbled upon perhaps the most genius piece of "Wire" obscuria just this afternoon (and without even looking). The good folks at Deadspin (well, they can't be that good) culled some of the best examples of a brilliant Twitter hashtag called "WireDerbyHorseNames."

Naming conventions are just about the only thing I know about the Triple Crown (or horse racing in general), and I know jockeys love the "awkward-phrases-as-names" thing. The often-hilarious, always-brilliant street poetry of "The Wire" is a perfect fit for the world of midgets and beasts.

The cream of the crop:

Money Be Green
Tweedy Impertinence
The Dickensian Aspect

And, of course...

The King Stay the King

But those are just my personal favorites. There are at least twenty more inspired choices. Why they didn't include "Cadaverous Motherfucker", though, is beyond me. (Via Vulture)