Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iron Man Lives Again!

Intrepid blogger Alex Boivin used his many connections/musk to weasel his way into an advance screening of Iron Man 2 this week. He has agreed to answer some questions submitted by you, the Charge Shot!!! readers as well as provide a brief plot summary of the summer movie season opener before it hits theaters this Friday.

Q: Has [Tony Stark, as played by Robert Downey Jr.] lost his mind?
A: No. Since the events of the first movie, Iron Man's alter ego retains a modicum of sanity, though he remains a dangerous thrill seeker and famous international playboy, if one can call that sanity.

Q: Can he see or is he blind?
A: The Iron Man armor actually provides Stark with an advanced field of vision, bringing his senses to superhuman levels.

Q: Can he walk at all, or if he moves will he fall?
A: See above.

Q: Is he live or dead?
A: Since Iron Man 2 picks up where the original left off, Tony Stark is indeed alive and well, though since he has outed himself as Iron Man he has made numerous enemies who would wish to do him harm.

Q: Has he thoughts within his head?
A: Tony Stark remains the third smartest human being in the Marvel Universe, falling just behind Reed Richards and Hank Pym.

Q: We'll just pass him there, why should we even care?
A: The first Iron Man did incredible box office numbers and received near universal critical acclaim, despite having its origins in what is a second-tier comic book property. Also, RDJ is a joy to watch.

Q: Does Scarlett Johansson look good in a catsuit?
A: Are you kidding me?

In this newest chapter in the Iron Man saga, billionaire playboy/one man military-industrial complex Tony Stark is turned to steel in the Great Magnetic Field when he travels time for the future of mankind. This is of course based on the ten issue story arc of the same name written by David Michelinie in the early 80's.

Stark finds himself unwanted by the public that once adored him, staring at the world in despair. This leads him to plan his vengeance which he unfolds in due course.

At this point in the story, the time has come for Iron Man to spread fear. Avenging himself from the grave, Stark kills the people he once saved, which is of course a great departure from the relatively happy-go-lucky escapism of 2008's Iron Man. Director Jon Favreau should be commended for his willingness to stay true to the source material and deliver a dark, intellectually satisfying film.

Considering him unworthy of their help, the public turns their heads from the unwanted Iron Man. But now Tony Stark has his revenge: with heavy boots of lead (the original titanium alloy armor having been destroyed by Whiplash) Stark's victims are filled with dread. As fast as they can run, they are powerless in the face of this truth: Iron Man lives again!

Also, Scarlett Johansson in a catsuit.