Friday, May 21, 2010

Want To Hear Some New Arcade Fire? Prepare to Crank Dat

Col.Sheet5_frame11 The Arcade Fire has been kind of lax about publicizing its new album. After two enormously successful albums – Funeral, Neon Bible  - the group is lazily indicating late July as a release window for their third. A postcard published on their website told fans of an upcoming 12” while wishing them best of luck on finals (somebody knows their audience).

To whet our palates, the Canadian ensemble has posted snippets of two new songs, “The Suburbs” and “Month of May,” to their website. The twist? You must spin the mock-12” yourself. Click the record and spin it clockwise with your little white grabby-hand – sounds come out, and those sounds are the new Arcade Fire. Spin it counterclockwise and you get gobbledegook. First one to uncover a demonic message/Paul-is-dead gets a prize.

Thoughts? Impressions? Sound off in the comments.