Sunday, June 13, 2010

After the Jump: Google Cocaine

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Most weeks, our humble podcast is recorded Thursday night and served to you on Sundays. We use only the best ingredients and we store it carefully, so it’s still pretty fresh by the time it gets to you, the discerning listener. This week, due to scheduling conflicts and parades, we recorded this podcast but a few hours ago. This podcast is piping hot, and we think that you’re going to enjoy it.

This week, among other things, we discuss the AT&T security breach that released tens of thousands of customer email addresses to some 1337 H4xx0Rz, Google’s Caffeine upgrade, The A-Team and other summer movies, the young boy that applied World of Warcraft skills to real life, the assured-from-the-outset failure of the PSP Go!, and how much we hate that smarmy Five Hour Energy guy. You know the one we mean.

Have we mentioned lately that our sweet podcast theme is called “CPU Mood” and that it comes courtesy of FantomenK? Because you really should know.

See you next week!