Friday, June 25, 2010

Jumping on Goombas for Charity

mariohooray_580I love marathon gaming for charity.  If I had the time and the personnel, I’d probably do one myself – though I’m not sure what games I’d choose, since a lot of the better franchises have already been claimed (and some of the worst).

Since I won’t be marathoning any time soon, I will point you towards the Mario Marathon.  Now in its third year, the Mario Marathon raises money for Penny Arcade’s Child Play charity.

Three guys will play Mario games until the money dries up.  They’ve organized a list of 800 levels across nine Mario games.  Each level has a dollar prerequisite, so once the donation total reaches that amount they must play that level.  For example, the last, most difficult Super Mario Sunshine levels won’t be played unless they raise upwards of $140,000.

If they’re as fun to watch as they were last year, I think they’ll have no problem.