Monday, June 14, 2010

New Single Watch: Weezer

Being a Weezer fan is sort of like being a follower of a millennial religion: you keep awaiting that promised day when all of your years of piety will pay off and your messiah will return and take you away to Paradise but secretly you know that all of modern science concludes that you have been living a lie.

(Of course, the Mayans prophesized that in the year 2012 Weezer will release a CD described in ancient texts as "better that the Blue Album and Pinkerton put together"...)

So you can imagine how I feel whenever Weezer drops a new album or song: I get all excited and hope and pray that this, this will be the one that turns it around. This will be the one that puts my favorite rock band of all time back on the right track. This is the one that makes up for all the Red Albums and Raditudes.

Does "Represent", a newly released tribute to the U, S, and A's 2010 World Cup soccer team (a common theme for Cuomo and friends), truly represent the return of old school good Weezer, one of the quintessential post-grunge bands of the 90's?

Take a listen and judge for yourself.

Sing along with me, kids. "My day is coming / it's coming some day..."