Friday, June 4, 2010

RUMOR: Valve’s Surprise May Include Half-Life


Half-Life 3?  Half-Life 2: Episode 3?  Valve’s planning something.

Earlier this week, Valve announced that they were pulling out of E3, but that eager fans shouldn’t be disappointed.

“The event will be replaced by a surprise,” read the announcement from Aperture Science (the fictional company behind the technology in Valve’s smash hit Portal.)

We already knew Portal 2 was on the way, and that the universe is loosely connected to the events in the Half-Life series.

Today, the rumor mill’s churning at 150% capacity with speculation over an image (see right) many assume is a Half-Life tease – there’s even a faint G-Man/Freeman in the darkness if you look hard enough.

After being logically skeptical about the image’s authenticity, CrunchGear updated their article: “Supposedly someone emailed [Valve head] Gabe Newell and received the response "It isn’t ep 3."”

This could be a million different things.  Maybe it’s just a fan mock-up for the announced “surprise.”  Maybe Portal 2 will actually be HL: Ep. 3.  Maybe it will be straight up Half-Life 3.  I for one would love another Orange Box-like deal with Portal 2, Ep. 3, and whatever else they cook up in their labs.

Whatever the outcome, I just hope something comes of this.