Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Problem: Update

iphone4-seam Quite a few things have happened since Thursday morning!

First, Apple released the iOS 4.0.1 update late yesterday. The only thing changed by the update is the way the phone displays its signal bars, as discussed in my earlier post.

Second, Apple saw fit to call a special press conference today at 10:00am Pacific time (1:00pm Eastern). Jobs spent most of the presentation explaining that sometimes other phones’ reception suffers when they are held a certain way, and then regurgitated most of the information that the company has put out in the last couple of weeks – a software fix was available, Apple was aware of the problem but didn’t consider it to be show-stopping, Apple spends serious money on engineers and scientists to research this sort of thing, et cetera.

Then, finally, after running over his projected fifteen minutes by nearly the same amount, he announced that everyone who purchases or has purchased an iPhone 4 prior to September 30th would get a free case, whether that be one of Apple’s bumper cases or a third-party alternative. Customers who remain unsatisfied have 30 days to return their phone without the customary restocking fee. Otherwise, it’s business as usual – the international rollout of the new iPhone 4 will happen as scheduled, and the recall that some analysts predicted will not come to pass.

Problem over, right? Well, maybe. The media coverage of the antenna problems will probably die down from here, having reached their height this week, but it’s uncertain whether future manufacturing runs of the new iPhone will incorporate any other fixes to address the issue.

Charge Shot!!! will continue to cover this information as events progress.