Sunday, August 15, 2010

After the Jump: It Is The Hour To Give Hits

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We had a surprise planned for this week, but it fell through –  which means you get a different surprise instead!  We tried to record a podcast with Andrew (currently in Japan), but technical difficulties relegated that one to the circular file post haste. 

Thankfully, two members of our crack writing team were waiting in the wings, ready for just such an occasion.  Listen this week as I try to rein in the dynamic duo of Jordan and Boivin as they fawn over Scott Pilgrim, debate Verizon/Google’s assault on net neutrality, and nearly have a conniption at the mere mention of Armond White.  We wrap up with a legit letters segment with questions about the Arcade Fire’s YouTube concert and a bizarre Super Mario infographic.

Early on in the podcast I half-heartedly promise to splice in listenable excerpts from the lost Japancast.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Perhaps we’ll upload it someday…if you’re good.