Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ghosts From Charge Shot!!!'s Past: Thirteen Ways to Kill a Zebra

Charge Shot!!! has been around for a little under two years now - amazing, we know! - and in that time we've amassed a lot of posts. Much of our writing is in an editorial vein, simply because we don't have the time or resources to report on every news item that flies across the Interwebs. Therefore, we feel that our output has a better shelf-life than you might expect from some run-of-the-mill news blog.

This new feature, Ghosts From Charge Shot!!!'s Past, will run every Saturday and aims to bring some of this stuff - both good and embarrassing - to the eyeballs of our newer readers, while taking long-time constituents on a trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

We normally write in prose here, out of necessity - it's pretty hard to do op-ed in haiku (though we've been known to try). This week's ghost-post, from our very first week of blogging, shows what it might have been like if we had attempted the poetry tack more consistently: thirteen short free-form poems by our own Rob Kunzig, each one a mini-ode to a zebra gunned down in Far Cry 2. A sample:

Dart gun!
No worries:
You’re just asleep.
That is, until the lions find you.
Short but sweet, and fun whether or not you've ever heard of the game in question. Read the full post here.