Friday, August 27, 2010

Marginalia 8.27.10: North Korea, Zombies, and Icy Bitches

  • North Korea has a Twitter under the name Uriminzokkiri, meaning "on our own as a nation." This is week-old news, but it's so damn crazy that I just had to mention it. It's worth noting, however, that in the week since the story broke, some have begun questioning the legitimacy of the social media accounts - there's a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, too - that the country has allegedly opened. Specifically, people are wondering whether the Supreme Leader would open a Facebook account that lists its interests as "Korean reunification" (good) and "lactose-free milk" (odd, but not necessarily out of character for Mr. -Il) and posts links to shark videos. Oh yeah, and men. The original Uriminzokkiri account said it liked men. Facebook has since deleted two accounts claiming to be opened by the North Korean government, one of which was allegedly the official state account. Maybe this is an indication that the Pyongyang is finally ready to open up to the world. Or maybe they're just as insane (Great Comrade Kim Jong Il started his revolutionary leadership of Music and Dance) and delusional as they've always been. But now they're on the internet.

  • Looks like the new X-Men movie might be better than anyone was expecting. I know at least one Charge-Shot!!! blogger (Boivin) who rolls his eyes at the mere mention of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, but some recent casting announcements might be enough to warm even Mr. Boivin's icy, racist heart. I was personally stoked to hear that the initial roster included both James McAvoy (as Charles Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (as Magneto), but the addition of Oliver Platt (who'll be playing the heretofore unknown "Man in Black") and Rose Byrne (assuming the role of Moira MacTaggart) got me even more excited. But the announcement that January Jones will be playing the role of Emma Frost is just too good to be true. Yeah, her character's been a bit of a showblocker lately, but that ain't January's fault! She's still the iciest bitch on TV, and now she's going to play the iciest bitch in the Marvel universe. Brilliant.

  • AMC released the trailer for its forthcoming, Frank Darabont-helmed The Walking Dead series (adapted from the absurdly great comic books by Robert Kirkman) to the general public on Wednesday. I'll just tell you that it's premiering on Halloween night and hint that Halloween parties are stupid and you'll probably just end up hooking up with someone dressed as Snooki. And then I'll let the trailer speak for me.