Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Reading: Sir Wiks-a-Lot

Sir MixALot 320x240 Wikipedia is a lot of things to a lot of people.  A rabbit hole of information you probably never needed to know.  A research tool for the young and irresponsible.  A mildly ineffective means of image control.

For me, it’s also a perpetual source of amusement.  Minor acts of Wikipedia vandalism never cease to tickle my funny bone.  Hell, I still laugh whenever I think about Ryan North’s quest to limit all Wikivandalism to the article on chickens.

But it isn’t just the petty Internet “crime” that I enjoy.  I also appreciate the creativity, the degree to which people are willing to take stupid topics seriously.

I present to you excerpts from the Wikipedia synopsis of Sir Mix-a-lot’s “Baby Got Back”:

“In the opening verse, Sir Mix-a-Lot professes his affinity for large buttocks and his inability to disguise this fact from others. He goes on to describe other desirable physical attributes, such as a trim waistline, tight-fitting garments, and unblemished skin.”

“He recommends that any exercises performed should be limited to the abdominal area. He cautions against a fitness routine strenuous enough to diminish the heft of the gluteal muscles. Though he offers no broad dietary guidelines, Mix-a-Lot contends that the dish "red beans and rice" is an important food staple for maintaining healthy buttocks.”

I love this article so much I could just copy and paste the whole thing, but I won’t.  The author deserves the hits.  What I like most about it, aside from the splendid dressing-up of Sir Mix’s lyrics, is the thorough hyperlinking.  It’s just on the good side of excessive.  Just like big butts.

[via someone we follow on Twitter…no, I can’t remember who]