Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Torchlight 2 On The Way, No More Solo Spelunking

Now there's another person in the cave. Wake up your dog.  Put on your matching set of armor.  Socket all your gems.  Torchlight 2 is coming in 2011.

Runic Games just launched a website for the sequel to last year’s sleeper hit for the PC.  For any of you who missed it (first, shame on you), Torchlight cropped up as a great budget option for fans of Blizzard’s loot-heavy dungeon crawler Diablo.  And seeing as how no one knows when the hell (get it?) Diablo III will come out, Torchlight 2 may be the best bet for action RPG buffs needing more.

Just after the original’s release, Runic announced that they’d be working on a Torchlight MMO, which sounded good to players lamenting the absence of multiplayer.  But it seems the devs can’t wait to help people go tandem dungeon-diving.  Torchlight 2 promises online, peer-to-peer multiplayer matchmaking.  I can’t wait to watch my dog chase someone else’s cat while we’re busy slaying rock golems.

When Torchlight first came out, I wrote about how it – as well as games like WoW and Borderlands – channels the spirit of the Diablo seriesTorchlight emulates Diablo with the greatest accuracy, right down to town portal scrolls and colored armor sets.  I’m now amused by many of the steps Runic’s taking with the sequel: matchmaking options, overworld areas, and more character options.  It sounds like the same path Blizzard took from Diablo to Diablo 2.  Like, the exact same path.

I guess imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery.