Friday, September 3, 2010

Marginalia 9.3.10: Sam & Max & Tycho & Jon Hamm & Gum from Stereos

  • NBC just got the rights to stream Jimmy Fallon's stupendous Glee-aping Emmy opener. If you're one of the apparently ten people who haven't seen it - I, shamefully, was one of them until a few minutes ago - do yourself a favor and watch the shit out of it. The clip, which features Fallon, the cast of Glee, Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, and Community's Joel McHale belting out a Glee-ed out version of "Born to Run," is absolutely divine. But unhappily for NBC, it took the network a full four days to get their act together and start streaming the thing officially. The network probably would have been happy to scoop up a few of the 1 million views the thing's gotten on YouTube since it was posted unofficially on Sunday evening, but they failed to secure streaming rights for the song until Thursday evening. If you ask me, it's pretty indicative of NBC's flabbergasting inability to keep up with the times. Another bad sign? It revolves around a show that's not even on the network. Ouch. At least they could have included Ron Swanson in the chorus. (Via Vulture)

  • Telltale Games revealed the identity of that mysterious mashup game they released a teaser trailer for last week. It's called Poker Night at the Inventory, and it's - what else - a poker game featuring "Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Penny Arcade's Tycho, Homestar Runner's Strong Bad, and Sam & Max's Max." I assume it'll have more going on that just poker, though, since it's from the studio comprising castoffs from LucasArts (Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island series). Now the copious amount of time I spent playing various Smash Bros. iterations attests to my (guilty) love for video games featuring characters from other video games, but I'm on unfamiliar ground when it comes to video games featuring members of the video game press as playable characters. It's somewhat akin to one of those gaudy charity singles including, um, Robert Christgau or, I dunno, Kurt Loder. Or Sway? That guy from MTV with the dreadlocks and the stupid hat? Do people care about Sway? Regardless, it's odd to see an art form and its critics playing together. But, then again, Penny Arcade has always sat on the border between art and criticism, what with the fact that it's a comic and not just a series of crappily-written articles. I'd include snarky hyperlinks to the various crappy game websites/magazines out there, but I didn't have enough space to link every gaming website on the internet. (Via Joystiq...who of course don't count)

  • Wanna feel completely inadequate about your ability to keep up with the musical zeitgeist? Check out Stereogum's list of the "40 Best New Bands of 2010" and see how many you recognize. I got 11, only about half of which I've actually heard. Among those choice 11, ceo, Best Coast, Active Child, and Perfume Genius are the ones I'd recommend to my friends and neighbors (and feel cool for doing so). Sprawling indie soft-rock project - yup, that's a thing - Gayngs is also included on the list, but I can't abide the one song I've heard by them. Soft rock sucks ass no matter how cool it dresses. Listen to this instead. (Via Rollo & Grady)

PS - I reserve the right to post a new song by Kanye West, who has pledged to release one new song every Friday until the release of his new album. The material he's already put out is stupendous...except for maybe this.