Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nights on Bald Mountain: 2 Much Horror Business - Prologue

October begins tomorrow and in the immortal words of Donovan, it "must be the season of the witch". That's right, Charge Shooters!!! It's time for the second annual installment of Nights on Bald Mountain!

For those of you new to this site, last October I undertook a personal crusade to acquaint myself with horror movies. Twenty-or-so years of being a huge wuss had kept me away from the genre and the many films, both good and bad, that audiences the world over have been acquainted with for generations. I thusly resolved to watch a horror movie every day and record my experiences here on Charge Shot!!! for all to see.

From The Hunger to The Shining, I kicked horror cinema's ass last year and emerged from the bloody pile of corpses I left in my wake an honest-to-blog horror movie expert. And I'm doing it again this year! This year, I'm adding a feature called But Was It Scary? wherein I'll give a succinct and honest summary of whether the day's movie actually sent shivers down my spine. After last year, I'd say I've got nerves of steel, but who knows what a couple dozen or so more horror films could do to me?

I've got enough movies queued up to last me the month but if you out there have any recommendations or, dare I say, challenges than by all means tweet them to me (or email the editors if you're Twitter-impaired) and I'll do my best to watch them!

So stop by tomorrow and all thirty-one days in October at noon for a new write-up of a selection from the canon of horror cinema! Tomorrow's entry is Wes Craven's classic A Nightmare on Elm Street! See you then!