Monday, October 11, 2010

Bald Mountain Night 11: The Vanishing

Each day in October, intrepid blogger Alex Boivin will watch a horror movie. These movies are all new to him and are part of his month-long effort to fill in his gaps in the horror canon. If he doesn't die from fright, you just might get to read about about his exploits in cinema during the Halloween season. 

When I started this project one year ago, my father chimed in with his own recommendations. After shooting off a few horror movies I had already seen, a dark look came over his face.

"You need to watch The Vanishing," he said.

Dear Old Dad explained to me that the Dutch film isn't exactly a horror movie yet it is hands down the scariest film he has ever seen. He wouldn't explain any details of the plot except those I will repeat for you now: a couple is on a road trip, they come to a highway rest stop. The woman goes inside, she never comes out. She has disappeared.

I really can't explain much more without giving anything away. The best way to approach this film is to go in completely blind. Knowing that it is Dutch and that a woman vanishes is about as much as you should know. I glimpsed the Netflix synopsis and even that gave away too much.

Throughout the movie's runtime, I was frustrated. You ripped me off, Dad! I'm supposed to be watching horror movies, not European psychological thrillers! How will I explain this to my readers?

But was it scary? Complain all you want about how this isn't a horror film, then watch the ending.

Final Verdict: 70 Congos