Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Fist-Pump Gazette #10: "I think we got too much sun today."

What a momentous episode of Jersey Shore this week, huh? Angelina finally snaps and decides to leave the show. Who couldn't see that coming a mile away, seeing as the exact same thing happened last season as well? As I mentioned before, I wasn't watching the show when Angelina left the first time, but I imagine it was pretty much the same scenario - a slow buildup of annoyance, she leaves without much fanfare, and everyone else in the house is happier and more relaxed than when she was there.

This is one problem with reality shows that last multiple seasons with the same cast: the people involved are real people, with real personalities. This is partly what makes it interesting, since the story arcs evolve out of genuine emotional reactions as opposed to being crafted by writers and actors. But it also means that history is more likely to repeat itself.

Sammi and Ronnie's relationship trouble. Angelina's surprise return and not-so-surprising exit. Snooki's search for a man. These are all familiar Jersey Shore elements that have been featured prominently in both seasons so far. I'll admit, it's a little comforting to know exactly what's coming when I tune into MTV every week, but how long before us Jersey Shore-ites long for some variation?

Don't get me wrong, some of the particular idiosyncrasies of the Jersey Shore cast (the ones that don't lead to drawn-out, emotional storylines) are downright entertaining. At their best, these become running gags that are guaranteed to force a laugh, or at the very least a knowing smile.

The most fun of these has to be Pauly and Vinny (and Ronnie) doing their absolutely inspired rendition of "It's T-Shirt Time!" You know how on MTV shows, whenever they play a song, they'll put the information (title, artist, album, etc.) on the little crawl at the bottom of the screen? I'll bet with a little producing and publicity from their parent network, the Jersey Shore guys could use this song to jumpstart a promising music career.

The next gag worth mentioning is the The-Situation-gives-his-name-to-someone-over-the-phone gag. Whether he's ordering food after someone ruins dinner or calling a cab, it never gets old to hear the confused people on the other end arguing about whether they heard correctly and debating whether they want to do business with someone who uses a noun as his proper name.

I have to believe that every business in the Miami area was aware of the Jersey Shore's presence in that area before filming due to all the hype, and that every cab company/take out restaurant/gym/nail salon/etc. had someone anxiously sitting by the phone waiting for our heroes to give them a call. It would be an interesting study for someone with more time/resources than I do find out how the local economies are impacted by popular reality shows filming in the area.

This one's not really a gag; it's more of a repeated occurrence. But it's happened twice that The Situation has gotten himself a girl at the club, he's ready to go home and smash (in this episode, he had already picked out pajamas for her before they even went out to the club), and so everyone piles into a cab and heads home. I know they're a family and all, but is it really necessary to bring everyone home just to eavesdrop on some sexytime? I guess the family that smashes together... crashes together?

But all these diversions are just drawing attention away from the main plot point of Angelina's departure. She went out with an absolute bang - calling everyone in the house fake (Mike: "To call me fake, that's just blasphemy") and getting into a full-on brawl with a drunken Snooki (Pauly: "Is this thing gonna go to decision, or is there gonna be a knockout?"). Everyone has said that pretty much all the drama in the house stems from Angelina, so what's going to happen these last two episodes?

I guess we'll just have to tune in next week to find out.