Saturday, October 30, 2010

Puzzle Bots Giveaway Time!

puzzlebotstop2Not everyone who reads this site plays games.  And I’m willing to accept that not everyone who reads this site even likes them.  But I’m fairly certain that most of our readers like free stuff.  Legit, free stuff. 

So we’re running a contest!  We came into possession of some codes for the indie adventure game Puzzle Bots, from Wadjet Eye Games and plan on giving them away.

Puzzle Bots, recently featured at the Penny Arcade Expo as part of the PAX 10 Indie Showcase, has garnered much attention for its fun puzzles and old-school cartoon art style.  Five different robots must escape through seventeen different levels.  It plays like a point-and-click adventure meshed with Blizzard’s old Lost Vikings series.  Each robot interacts with the environment in a unique way – be it pushing, pulling, or picking things up – and you’ll need to combine their abilities in order to break out of the lab.  My favorite is Ultrabot because he just pushes stuff and, oh I don’t know, his name is Ultrabot.

You can enter to win a digital copy of Puzzle Bots by tweeting @ us via Twitter or by writing on our Facebook wall. (Sorry, MySpace users.  You’ll need to get with the times if you want to win this sweet prize.)  Make it something about the game or robots.  Humor is appreciated though not required. 

The window for submission ends at 11:59 PM EST on Friday November 5, 2010 Sunday November 7, 2010.  After that we’ll put all of the submitted names in a hat (or some sort of digital equivalent) and pick five winners.  That’s right, five

What are you waiting for?  Enter our first ever contest!