Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Reading: Boivin’s Bald Mountain

bald-mountain-skin-track_183I urge you, if you haven’t been keeping up with it, to browse through our own Alex Boivin’s comprehensive coverage of the horror genre.  His Nights on Bald Mountain feature is in its second year and will be wrapping up this afternoon.

Not only is it fun to journey with him through a host of bad/good/middling movies, it’s also a fun trip through Boivin’s bizarre childhood.  How did he never see Scream growing up?  His relationship with his father is also explored: in discussing the feature with his son, the elder Boivin said simply, “You need to watch The Vanishing.”  Like a good son, Alex listened.

Where should you start?  At the beginning, of course.  Boivin kicked off this year’s hike with A Nightmare on Elm Street.  His plot synopsis:

“The story is simple enough, Freddy Krueger is an undead serial killer who invades teenagers' dreams and kills them in surreal, gory ways. I mean, it's a slasher: the story is that someone is killing teenagers, all these things need is a gimmick, right?”

Yes, they do, Bove.  Yes, they do.