Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Reading: A Phone Call with James Franco

james-franco-pineapple-braJames Franco has achieved full-blown meme status at this point.  I can’t seem to stop writing or reading about him, and it seems like the rest of the world can’t either.

Thought Catalog – another one of those hot new Internet culture zines – tried to get an interview with Franco.  Well, they say they tried.  That might just be a clever excuse for an even cleverer article: an exclusive, fake interview with the star.

The piece’s primary concern is Franco’s short story collection Palo Alto, published by Scribner.  Franco wrote most of it while in one of the eighteen different graduate schools he’s somehow finding the time for when not appearing on soap operas, getting paid to read poetry, or laying around under a rock all day.

TC pulls few punches in its spar with the fake Franco, prodding at not only some of his writing but his penchant for manufacturing postmodern art out of his pretty sweet life:

[Thought Catalog]: Oh. You’re really hot, James Franco.

[fake James Franco]: Thanks.

TC: Can we, like, have sex?

JF: Maybe. You’re a dude, right?

TC: Yeah.

JF: Only if we can videotape it and then submit it to The Whitney.

TC: Cool.

JF: (Silence)

Somehow, I think a small pop culture site running a fake interview with him fits perfectly into Franco’s artistic mission.

You may also want to check out Thought Catalog’s thoughts on Franco’s Oscar potential.  Soap star and Oscar nominee in the same year?  Crazy talk.