Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Reading: Shameless Self-Promotion

Shame-award-1In my humble opinion, it’s been a banner week for Charge Shot!!!.  Despite being an increasingly busy cadre of liberal arts grads, our writing staff has churned out some excellent material in the past week.  I spent the better part of this week in a dark room watching runs of a century-old Russian play, so I tried to catch up yesterday and immediately felt overwhelmed by quality and quantity.  I invite you to feel the same:

For reasons only he can explain, Pankin reviewed Aragorn’s Quest.  It’s a Wii game that caters to Lord of the Rings fans.  I’m not sure I knew those were a thing.

Chris was sick earlier this week, and his mom found out via the Internet.  This caused him to ponder the Internet phenomenon that is simultaneously knowing a lot and very little about the people you know: “…we should be careful in assuming that, just because I know where my friends are at this very minute via FourSquare, that I actually know what's going on in their lives. “

Confused about Schrödinger’s cat?  Stephanie breaks it down in this week’s Science Corner.  Apparently anything I haven’t observed concretely exists within a cloud of probabilities.  Except brontosauri, I know they don’t exist.

It may not be the most popular opinion in the world, but Andrew’s pretty sure we should lay off all the Internet piracy.  “Pirates seem to live in a weird, wacky world where the ease of copying data, as well as that data's relative intangibility, means that it shouldn't cost anything,” he writes.  “…you realize that this shit ain't free, right? It didn't spring fully-formed from the hard drive of Zeus. A bunch of people worked on it, spent money on it. They need money, your money, to be able to do other things in the future.”  Amen.

Rob’s had it UP TO HERE with his the Nike+ running add-on for his iPod.  Seriously.  He’s done with it.

In other news, Joey’s got your mobile news covered.  Jordan’s trying to reconcile his own tastes with those of Pitchfork.  I’m trying to reconcile my love for Ender’s Game with my disgust at the author’s political views.  Our Mad Men, Jersey Shore, and Bald Mountain columns continue.

Oh yeah and did I mention we sent Boivin to New York Comic-Con?