Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ghosts from Charge Shot!!!’s Past: Do Games Know How To End?

ghostsfromcspastCharge Shot!!! has been around for two years now - amazing, we know! - and in that time we've amassed a lot of posts. Much of our writing is in an editorial vein, simply because we don't have the time or resources to report on every news item that flies across the Interwebs. Therefore, we feel that our output has a better shelf-life than you might expect from some run-of-the-mill news blog.

This feature, Ghosts From Charge Shot!!!'s Past, aims to bring some of this stuff - both good and embarrassing - to the eyeballs of our newer readers, while taking long-time constituents on a trip down memory lane. Enjoy!

This week’s post dates back to our gaming-only days, when the blog was more like a dank pit than a Web site. Even though we cast a wider net now than once we did, we still occasionally made some good points back in those days.

Case in point, take this post by Craig, which muses on game endings. How many times have you played a game to completion only to have it end in an underwhelming boss fight?

Part of the problem may be the terminology we attach to finishing a game.  More general terms aside, books are read and movies are seen.  Games are “beaten.”  This comes, of course, from gaming’s preteen years, when most titles were primarily challenges of skill.  Some, designed to ravenously consume your quarters, didn’t even allow you to complete the game – limited hardware prompted games to commit seppuku lest they carry on indefinitely.  The challenge-based design aesthetic still pervades an industry characterized by Achievements, High Scores, and Time Trials. 

On your to-do list for today: set your clock back an hour, and read this post.