Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Year in Review - A Few More Random Musings from the Internet

In honor of 2010, and of course in deference to the excellent job my fellow Charge Shot!!! writers did summing up the year (and decade) I wanted to throw out a few random stories that have stuck with me over the last year. Fair Warning: These are frivolous and probably won't offer anything useful in your daily life, other than the visceral enjoyment of reading about them (not to mention the pleasure of reading my expert and enlightening analysis...).

Firstly, a recent Pew Internet research report asked why the rich are so good at the internet. Check it out. At the very least, memorizing a few of the stats might be good for a cocktail party or something.

This next bit is something that I file under the "completely random and not relevant at all" description, nevertheless I write about it...There is something about this product that has stuck in my mind. Something about the simplicity, genius and even strangeness that has caused part of me to fixate on the idea.  Really, I can't believe that nobody has thought of making this meltable (and re-meltable) wax tableware before.

Lastly, check out Other than my psych 101 class freshman year of college, I don't think I had ever heard mention of the not un-common condition - wherein a person has distinct difficulty remembering faces - discussed in daily life (I'm surprised I actually remembered it from college,  I guess I went to class that day). Over the last several months, I've read three articles and heard at least two radio segments about it (somebody's PR council is doing their job!).

The above link will take you to a site that presents all kinds of information about the condition in addition to a free web based test (which takes about 30 minutes) that will determine where you are on the face blind spectrum.  I took it happens I'm just plain-old average (so boring).  

Well, I think that's it from my coffer of stories from 2010.  Now on to 2011! Happy New Year readers, I wish all good fortune in the coming year!