Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ghosts from Charge Shot!!!’s Past: The Social Network

ghostsfromcspast_thumb[1]Charge Shot!!! has been around for two years now - amazing, we know! - and in that time we've amassed a lot of posts. Much of our writing is in an editorial vein, simply because we don't have the time or resources to report on every news item that flies across the Interwebs. Therefore, we feel that our output has a better shelf-life than you might expect from some run-of-the-mill news blog.

This feature, Ghosts From Charge Shot!!!'s Past, aims to bring some of this stuff - both good and embarrassing - to the eyeballs of our newer readers, while taking long-time constituents on a trip down memory lane.

Let’s assume you care about the Golden Globes. Assuming that, let’s assume you believe them to be an accurate predictor of Oscar success. Assuming that, let’s also assume that you care about the Oscars.

This past Sunday, The Social Network took home the Golden Globe for Best Picture – Drama, as well as awards for directing, screenwriting, and original soundtrack. Despite some heinous CGI cold breath, it’s an excellent film that dropped at a time that also makes it feel important.

Wondering whether the hype is deserved? Check out Jordan’s review from a few months back:

“The question The Social Network raises is whether Facebook has irrevocably changed how we deal with such events and, indeed, our collective human experience. Specifically, has Facebook's founder remade the world in his own image? Mark Zuckerberg's villainy, at least as interpreted by Eisenberg, stems from his autistic inability to deal with those around him. The jury's still out on whether that makes him a sociopath or just a good business man.”