Friday, January 28, 2011

The Office Fills Open Positions with Temps Ferrell and Gervais

ferrell and gervaisAre you still watching The Office? I’ve long since given up keeping up with the show week-to-week (the last episode I watched when it premiered was probably the one with the baby), but I find this allows me to better enjoy it in syndication. The awkwardness feels fresher and less predictable, the scenarios more original.

Steve Carell, of course, doesn’t get to experience The Office as I do. He’s been stuck managing the chaos at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton since 2005. Carell’s contract expires this year, and it’s been made clear that he’ll be out before the season’s over.

While it’s still up in the air (get it?) who NBC will tap to replace Carell (if they deem a replacement is needed), they’ve already made arrangements to bring in a few ringers to close out the show’s seventh season. Will Ferrell – you may remember him from that movie career he had – will be joining The Office in a four-episode arc, one episode past Carell’s exit. Also, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog got the scoop that Ricky Gervais shot a short cameo with Carell, reprising his character David Brent from the U.K. Office for yesterday (Jan. 27) evening’s episode.

These are not, of course, permanent solutions. These are brief stints commemorating Carell’s fantastic run on the show. We’ll see whether or not NBC can fill the man’s shoes next season, but for the time being it’s fun to watch them pull out all the stops.