Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Reading: Five Emotions Invented by the Internet

person_on_computerWe do our best to eschew numbered lists here at Charge Shot!!!, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading them elsewhere – especially when they’re insightful examinations of digital culture.

Leigh Alexander’s “Five Emotions Invented by the Internet” has been circulating around the, well, Internet for a week or two now. I’ve actually stumbled across it by accident a few times, which speaks to its resonance with a substantial chunk of the online population.

I’ve listed them below. Be sure to head on over to Thought Catalog to read her explanations of each.

“A vague and gnawing pang of anxiety centered around an IM window that has lulled.

A sudden and irrational rage in response to reading an ‘@-reply’ on Twitter.

The state of being ‘installed’ at a computer or laptop for an extended period of time without purpose, characterized by a blurry, formless anxiety undercut with something hard like desperation.

The car collision of appetite and discomfort one feels simultaneously when using the internet to seek and consume images or information that may be considered unseemly or inappropriate.

The sense of fatigue and disconnect one experiences after emitting a massive stream of content only to hit some kind of ‘wall’ and forget and/or abandon the entire thing.”

Without a doubt, I have experienced each and every one of these. What about you? Are there any she missed?