Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Reading: Musical Easter Eggs

38090Did you know that you could collect clues about Paul McCartney’s death if you play Beatles records backwards? Or that if you put on Pink Floyd’s The Wall on at the same time as The Wizard of Oz, you can enjoy neither product? If you’re into facts like this, you’ll love what Craig dug up for you guys this week!

It’s about Easter eggs – you know, those secret little tidbits that artists sometimes scatter throughout their work as a sort of secret message to those who really “get it.”

Well, maybe not really. It’s on the Cracked Web site, so they’re probably not being serious. It’s hard to say. But if you want to read about Jimi Hendrix’s hidden alien voices or about a bunch of jokes made at Thom York’s expense, this may be just the article for you!

Here it is. Enjoy!