Thursday, February 10, 2011

Detroit In Peril, Needs RoboCop

robocopWhen the Great Recession laid waste to the American economy, no city was considered a bigger victim than Detroit. The home of the nation’s auto industry suffered greatly as car manufacturer after car manufacturer flew their CEOs on expensive jets to Capitol Hill to beg for money. Even though economists and politicians alike claim we’ve weathered the worst of the storm, things aren’t all hunky-dory in Detroit yet.

They still need RoboCop.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, a Twitter user contacted Detroit Mayor Dave Bing (no relation to Chandler, I’m told) to suggest using tax dollars for a statue commemorating Peter Weller’s turn as a cyber-lawman. Bing swiftly dismissed the idea on his Twitter, not knowing that the user intended it as a joke.

Well, Detroit certainly doesn’t think it’s a joke. Not willing to take the Mayor’s “No” for an answer, citizens of the Motor City are mobilizing to raise money for a RoboCop statue. John Leonard is one of a handful leading the charge (join the cause here) and with good reason, as he told the Free Press:

“RoboCop is something that people have a really strong emotional connection to. This really is going to happen.”

I hope you’re right, John, or else you better starting cracking on that Terminator statue for LA.