Monday, February 14, 2011

Ghosts of Charge Shot!!! Past: Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”

ghostsfromcspast_thumb[1]Arcade Fire surprised a whole host of Gaga and Eminem (perhaps even Bieber) fans last night by taking the Grammy for Best Album of the Year.

Their obscurity relative to Top 40 heavy hitters is well-known, and bewildered reactions to the coup are being expertly documented on a “Who Is Arcade Fire?” Tumblr. This all despite being the biggest indie act going right now. They even appeared on Saturday Night Live last November – though I suppose that’s just as much a reflection of the current state of America’s favorite weekly sketch show run by a Canadian.

So just in case you’re one of those people who wondering why music fans won’t shut up about a burning Chuck E. Cheese, here’s Chris’s review of their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs.

For Arcade Fire neophytes, Chris puts The Suburbs in context, charting the evolution of the band from their previous albums Funeral and Neon Bible:

The Suburbs, due out next week, avoids the anthemic emotional affirmations of Funeral while also side-stepping the overwrought political sentimentalities of Neon Bible. It's a mess of contradictions - uplifting and despairing, a cry for present action and a nostalgic look at bygone times, a touch of childlike wonder mixed with mature cynicism.”