Tuesday, February 22, 2011

La-La Land: Your Place for Events This Season

We must be in the middle of Sweeps Month or something, because I can't seem to turn on my TV of a Sunday evening without stumbling on some national broadcast of a highly anticipated annual event. First there was the Golden Globes all those weeks back. Then the Super Bowl. Then the Grammys. And this most recent Sunday, the NBA All-Star Game. And of course we all know what highly-politicized, celebration of the year's best in cinema happens next Sunday…

Living in Los Angeles, it was hard to escape the buzz of All-Star Weekend, the festivities of which took place at Staples Center, the home stadium of All-Star Game MVP Kobe Bryant (and fellow All-Stars Pau Gasol and Blake Griffin). The Staples Center has been playing double and triple duty later, as it was recently home to the aforementioned Grammys in addition to its role as home for the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings, as well as a happening venue for concerts and special events.

Events at the Staples Center are fun. I've been to a single Laker game and a single WWE Event there, and have enjoyed my time thoroughly. The LA Live center surrounding it is shiny and metallic and perpetually seems to have the mall equivalent of new car smell. And despite the havoc wrought by these events on the already legendary LA traffic, it's nice to know that there is never a dearth of culture and excitement in this, the entertainment capitol of the world.

Fortunately, the events downtown didn't impact the traffic to LAX, so I was able to make my flight for my surprise, late-notice business trip without any hassle. Unfortunately, said trip is taking up the majority of my time and energy right now, so I'll be back next week in full technicolor and with a full-length post.